Factory Supply High Purity 1,4-Butanediol CAS 110-63-4

1, 4-butanediol is widely used. In the United States and Western Europe, more than half is used to produce tetrahydrofuran, followed by γ-butyrolactone and polyethylene terephthalate, a rapidly developing engineering plastic; 1, 4-butanediol is used as a chain enhancer and polyester raw material to produce polyurethane elastomers and soft polyurethane foams; The esters obtained from 1, 4-butanediol are good Chemicalbook plasticizers for cellulose, polyvinyl chloride, polyacrylates and polyesters. 1, 4-butanediol has good moisture absorption and flexibility, can be used as gelatin softener and water absorbent, cellophane and other unused paper treatment agent. It can also prepare N-methylpyrrolidone, N-vinylpyrrolidone and other pyrrolidone derivatives, and is also used for the preparation of vitamin B6, pesticides, herbicides and solvents acting on a variety of processes, plasticizers, lubricants, humidifiers, softness, adhesives and brighteners in the electroplating industry.