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RuneScape will be released from early access on mobile

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RuneScape will be released from early access on mobile

vie 02-sep-2022 02:45:01 ART #988544

On a typical day, I often find me enjoying Quake and Half-Life or hanging out on Team OSRS gold - games that are always in high demand leave their marks and fade quickly. It's great to play something I love and put aside quickly, as opposed to having to worry about how many pieces of wood are in my inventory or where I'm planning to go fishing in tomorrow's session.

Publisher Jagex revealed earlier this year that RuneScape will be released from early access on mobile sometime in the summer. Starting today, anyone can dive into an ongoing MMORPG with iOS or Android.

Jagex promises to have to send "messages to those we've identified as engaging on"RWT" within "the coming hours". "For anyone who has been involved, we want to be clear - this is your single and only warning," it added.

It was also announced that the game's PvP game mode Duel Arena, would see sweeping changes that included the stricter enforcement of game's code-of-conduct, so as to encourage positive play. Jagex states that Duel Arena "has been a catalyst to this kind of toxic behavior".

In the meantime the publisher's "short-term measures" will be taken "until our development teams can create a major update which fully replaces the Duel Arena next year."

Nex was teased back in December by an announcement trailer that read: "The prophecy foretold of an ancient warrior, locked in a prison deep beneath Trollheim. A force that powerful, so malevolent, four opposing armies unified to fight its evil. They called her The Fifth General. They say she hoards artifacts of tremendous power and that an enchanted seal can be all that separates the brave from her buy OSRS GP."

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