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Five beautiful rooms on the 3rd floor of a four-storey antique building located in the traditional neighbourhood of Montserrat. They are all equipted with a private bathroom, minibar, air conditioner, jacuzzi or scotch douche, and a safe. Our living-room, integrated with a bar, is ideal for relaxing and meeting, also open to cultural events, music seasons, film, lectures and private parties. A tasty and abundant breakfast service is offered, served when requested. Bonito combines the hotel comfort with warm and personalized service. Each room has been intervened by a contemporary argentine artist, inviting the traveller to become a part of a singular microuniverse. Bonito has been reformed, merging unexpected architectural instances with the original antique style of the building. We aim to make Bonito a place for people who are looking for a sensitive and different enviroment, far from conventions and standards; and above all, for people who want a stay in Buenos Aires surrounded by beautiful architecture, contemporary art, design in every detail and a warm and special atmosphere. A text, a teapot, a wallpaper, an intervened wall, a designed breakfast, an intelligent and beautiful architectural alteration, an alternative tour, a musical journey… Bonito was conceived with plenty of love and dedication, and it’s inviting you to live a unique experience.
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Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina

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